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Dance Introduction Program





Been a bathroom dancer all your life but never took a class before?
New to dance or just not sure how to get started? 


Well then, DIP is for you.


Our Dance Introduction Programme Performance by Suah Lah! Some of these dancers had never taken a dance class before. They really put in the hard work to learn the basics and to be able to move and perform! We were really impressed with the results!


DIP is a comprehensive course designed to equip anyone with all the foundational skills needed to start their journey into dance. We will make sure that you can DANCE; because dance is already in you. We are just here to help unlock the Soul thats itching to bust a move. 

Never took a dance class before? Don’t worry. In fact, we built this program for students with zero dance experience who are interested in taking up street dance(Any style!).


In a nutshell, this programme will teach you basic hip-hop and party steps that will be the fundamental movements for all styles in the street dance umbrella.


Get REAL results. 


Dancers with experience are also welcome as we guarantee that you will find the program challenging too!



Students will be taught how to:

 Learning Objectives of Dance Introduction Programme (DIP) 2017 by ScRach MarcS

Learning Objectives of Dance Introduction Programme (DIP) 2017 by ScRach MarcS




UPDATE: DIP Jul 2018 will be postponed till further notice, sorry for the inconvenience!

The DIRECTION of that first step is as, if not, more important than the ACTION itself.
— ScRach MarcS