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Waacking Progressive Programme



Be fabulous cos
it’s your time
to shine.

So you think you got the basics down? 

You've got all eyes on you, do you have what it takes to be
the centre of attention at every party? Learn to stand out and be FABULOUS.

The next step to learning more in-depth about Waacking in our Progressive Programme begins with the chapter of Arm Techniques and Musicality. We will be exploring new ways to express yourself in this dance through technical training and forming a deeper relationship with music, especially Disco.

This program for suitable for students with basic dance experience in Waacking (or graduates from our WIP) and for those who are ready to FLY HIGH (like a bird).

Get REAL results. 

The DIRECTION of that first step is as, if not, more important than the ACTION itself.
— ScRach MarcS

Learning Objectives of Waacking Introduction Programme (WIP) 2017 by ScRach MarcS