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Waacking Introduction Programme



Its more than just a dance, its a LIFESTYLE.
— ScRach Marcs

Time to ditch those flip flops and dull clothes. Dress and Pimp up your style and moves because its all about looking your best, and being the BEST.

Don't be Waack, DO Waack.

Our comprehensive programme will introduce the different elements that make up this dance style. Drill different moves and techniques, learn about the music that influenced this dance, understand the history of the culture behind dressing up and get your performance game up. 

This program for suitable for students with zero dance experience but if you have some prior experience,

we gonna make you FLY. 

Pun intended.
Get REAL results. 

The DIRECTION of that first step is as, if not, more important than the ACTION itself.
— ScRach MarcS

Learning Objectives of Waack ing Introduction Programme (WIP) 2017 by ScRach MarcS