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Got to Move 2017 - TVC

The Visual Collective


A GTM 2017 Initiative

The Visual Collective is a project where we explore different elements revolving around dance and Street Culture: Art, fashion, videography, photography and mixing tracks. Come explore these elements with us!


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(CLASS FULL)Basic Dance Photography Workshop by Jazpar

(Max 10 Pax). Requirements: 1.Bring your own camera  2.Have a basic understanding of operating a camera and fundamentals

Jazpar's works revolve around creating a world where time stands still, a world that's often not seen by others. Simplicity is form he chooses to express himself, telling a complex story using the most common subject. Dancers often take on the supporting role in performances, being a dancer himself, he has the intent to portray them as the main character, creating endless form of it.

This workshop will focus on lighting for portraits, dance action, creative lighting techniques and composition. Perfect for those who wish to capture beautiful in-motion shots and stills of dancers.  


(CLASS FULL)Dance Videography Workshop by Richard(RP Productions)

(Max 20 pax).

Richard Prayoga is the person behind RPProductions Dance Channel who dedicated himself to cover Singapore dance scene for the past 2 years. He has shot more than 100 dance videos and even had the chance to travel overseas to film dance events. In this workshop he would be sharing some tips and tricks that he has learnt from his journey so far and also his experiences and insights that can help to make a better dance videographer! Some things you can expect to learn from the workshop:

- Understanding video equipment needed for dance videoshoot
- Planning your dance video shoot
- Communicate with choreographers and translating it to visual
- Direct talent on site
- Creating better video content on post productions
- Some tips & tricks and sharing of experience


(CLASS FULL)Expressive Denim Customization Workshop by WolfboyNat(Mashup)

(Max 10 pax). Requirements: Bring your own denim jacket

MASH-UP is an independent fashion collective that creates bold and fun wearable objects featuring tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture, revolutions and everything in between. Based in tropical Singapore, our playful, DIY aesthetic has attracted a loyal following of enthusiastic fans and supporters- ranging from French electro-pop singer Yelle to DJs, performers and musicians around South East Asia.

Express yourself through mark making and expressive strokes and add new life, personality and loads of pizzazz to your old denim! 

1. Participants will learn to express themselves through mark making 

2. Sample fabric will be provided for experimentation 

3. Participants will learn how to de-stress denim


(CLASS FULL)Silkscreen Workshop by Deon(Tellyourchildren/Death Threads)

(Max 15 pax). Requirements: Bring your own base(tee shirt or tote bag preferably)

Death Threads is fronted by Deon Phua (of Tell Your Children fame) and Edmund Tan. The pair started Death Threads as a result of a shared appreciation for vintage apparel.

Learn how the silkscreen process works and get your hands dirty with printing exclusive Death Threads designs on your own tees/tote bags!


(CLASS FULL)Track Mixing Workshop by Zaihar(SFB/O Crew)

(Max 10 pax). Requirements: Participants to bring their own laptop to download trial mixing software

A renowned dancer in the industry, Zaihar has competed and performed in many local and international platforms with his own music mix. He has also edited numerous signature mixes for many crews and soloist. He will be sharing his creative process on how he chooses a song, plays with it to enhance it for the dance piece. 

- Fundamentals of music editing
- Choosing the right parts of the music for better flow
- Transition from one song to another (with the same or different BPM)



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