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Brands and Commercials

Brands and Commercials


Spotify x ScRach MarcS

A fun advertisement we did for Spotify.

We are both big fans of Spotify Premium!!
It keeps us grooving to our favourite beats for classes, performances or music on the go.
Fortunate to be working on meaningful and fun projects that really speak to us!!
*This ad is shown only in selected countries in SEA region

Zoff x ScRach MarcS (ft. Kayte, Amin, Charmaine)

Filmed in both Tokyo and Singapore, Zoff collaborated with ScRach MarcS
to promote their quality products and store launch in Singapore. 

We choreographed and created Zoff's signature dance moves
to reflect the ultra-flexibility of the Zoff Smart glasses. Zoff opened
its first store in Singapore at Orchard Central on 7 April 2017.

FWD Insurance - The Robot Helpers

We were thrilled to be part of this commercial ad to promote FWD Insurance's Helper Insurance.
In the ad features 3 robot domestic helpers overworking, in different parts of the house.
All of the movements were inspired by the robot, fusing mechanical elements and popping techniques.

Robots: Rachel aka Racheezels, Kayte, Fas
Choreographer: Marcus aka Marzipan

Heineken x Racheezels

Racheezels was casted in the Heineken Green Room ad as one of the main leads
and she did a get down at the end to challenge the Heineken Robots!

Scoot Singapore x Marzipan

A throwback to the 90s boyband era, Marzipan choreographed and performed
for this quirky little video about how Scoot will be there for you during a heartbreak.

As usual, what other topic could 4 guys come together to sing about?
Baby, Bye, Bye, Bye. 👋

Uniqlo x ScRach Marcs

A collaborative project between Uniqlo & ScRach MarcS
to launch their new Uniqlo U collection in Singapore on 17 Feb 2017. 

Outfitted by Uniqlo U, Rachel and Marcus rocked 3 different styles
from their collection, highlighting the unique designs and comfort level in all kinds of movements.

Singapore Tourism Board x ScRach MarcS

We got the very very special chance to invite our awesome couple pals
Big Mike and Kai-ti down to Singapore to show them around our garden city!
They had a blast visiting all the cool spots and trying out the local fare.
The trip would not be complete without a get-down.
It was definitely one to remember!